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Commission applications: CLOSED!

Follow my telegram announcements channel to be notified when the application is live.

Terms and Conditions

All clients must be 18+ and be able to show I.D. if required. A parent or guardian may have a costume made for a minor but all communication and payments must be made by the parent or guardian. 

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin the commission to cover material costs. The second 50% of the cost is required before the commission is shipped. Payment options are Paypal and Checks. All Paypal transactions will be made through Paypal invoicing. Make checks payable to Dominique de Leon. If I am unable to complete a commission, ALL payments will be completely refunded, including the 50% deposit. 

Payment Plans:

Short 4-month payment plans can be discussed for projects exceeding $2,000 or more. The non-refundable 25% deposit is required to reserve a slot in the queue and a 50% deposit is required before I begin work on the commissionLate payments will result in delayed completion and shipping date, or a canceled commission. If a commission is not paid in full by the agreed-upon date or the commission is dropped, I have the right to sell the commissioned suit.

Shipping is not included in the commission quote. The client is responsible for covering all shipping costs. Tracking information will be provided to the client when the commission is shipped out. Signature/additional package insurance is offered upon request but must be covered by the client.


Design Changes:
If you have any change requests throughout the commission process, please feel free to ask! Small alterations are not a problem! The sooner you speak up the better. If I move forward with a suit after progress photos are approved I may not be able to make the change. I have the right to deny any large design alterations or requests not agreed upon upfront during the application phase.


I may post in-progress photos and completed suit photos on my social media. If you wish for me to not post your suit until it is completed and shipped out or if you do not want me to tag you, please let me know before the commission is started.

What to Expect from Me:
A commission estimate, an invoice for all transactions, and shipping tracking will be provided for your records. We will go over fur samples together before the fabrics are ordered. Pictures and updates will be sent to ensure that you are happy with the progress being made, sent via email, telegram chat, or text, whichever is preferred. 

Required Measurements:
Head measurements will be required for partials and full suits. To ensure that full suits will fit properly, a duct tape dummy (DTD) will be required. I ask that the heal is included when creating your DTD. Tape as close to your armpits as possible. I am not responsible for an ill-fitting suit due to poor DTD construction. It is VERY IMPORTANT to create a well-made DTD. A poorly made DTD can fall apart when it is restuffed. The best way to create a durable DTD is to layer it. The suit MUST be neatly and securely taped back together, without any overlap before it is shipped to me. If a DTD is made so poorly it is unusable I will request a new one before I start on your commission. Your shoe size will also be required for full suits. 

Completion Time:
I do not work on deadlines. You can let me know if you have a desired deadline but I am under no obligation to complete a suit by a specific date. Upon accepting a commission, I will give you an estimated completion date. This date is subject to change. You will be notified if there are any substantial changes in the estimated completion time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do Payment Plans? 
Yes! I am open and flexible with payment plans. All of my commissions must be paid off within four months. I still require a 25% deposit to hold a spot in the queue. Once 50% of the commission is paid off I will begin work on the commission. Payments made through payment plans are non-refundable. 

Will you let me know when commissions open? 

Unfortunately I cannot personally keep track of and notify everyone who is interested in my commissions. I will post on my social media and website weeks in advance to my commissions reopening. I also have a telegram announcements channel that you can subscribe to for updated on commission openings. 

Do you do just bodysuits/hand-paws/tails etc? 
Yes! Compare the prices listed on the pricing guide to your character for a general idea of the price of your suit. If you are interested in fursuit parts, you will still need to go through the same application process as a fullsuit. 

If I buy a premade can I have it turned into a fullsuit? 

Yes! But you will have to wait for my commissions to reopen and apply with the general applications.

Do you do adult modifications?
Yes! I am open to making adult modifications to my commissioned suits. Please note that you are interested in your application. I will require a photo of your ID in order to discuss these types of modifications. I do not offer this service as an add-on to fursuits made by other makers. 

Do you do suit referbs?
Yes and no. I will do referbs on any of my old work. However, I will not do referbs on other people's work. It is not possible for me to know how well-made the bases are. Many times it will be cheaper and less time to just make a new suit from scratch. 

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